BAM11 – Results

Tue, 11 Jun 2019 07:04:17

Another huge weekend has marked the 11th annual Battle Arena Melbourne! BAM11 saw Australia’s biggest fighting game event step into its second decade, and third year at the Melbourne Convention Centre.  The CouchWarriors team, a group of community volunteer organisers is incredibly proud of the event blown away by the response of the community.

Among other achievements, BAM11 had 1,020 unique fighting game competitors! Add to that nearly 500 spectators, PC LAN and Splatoon 2 competitors, and our total attendance by footfall was 4,412! This is by far the biggest open entry esports competition in Australia and New Zealand. Thank you all for another record breaking year!

Of course, the real story of BAM11 every year is the incredible feats in each tournament. With 42 events over 3 days, there were multiple national championships and hundreds of stories of small rivalries to legendary finals including many with international superstars.

We saw the first Mortal Kombat 11 major, the biggest tournament ever for Smash Ultimate and global points on the line in Tekken World Tour and Capcom Pro Tour. In fact, tournament attendances rose across the board. All this, and we crowned ANZ champions in the BAM PATH TO EVO finals for SFV, Tekken and Smash Ultimate, meaning three players are going to EVO World Championships with flight and accom expenses paid.

Hit up the Twitch replays for each game by following the guide in this post



TWT Recap video

CPT Recap video

Read on for more results and info! (Full results at bottom of post)

Tournaments by the Numbers (Feature events)

Players Game
340 Super Smash Bros Ultimate
258 Tekken 7
140 Super Smash Bros Melee
124 Mortal Kombat 11
121 Street Fighter V
64 Dragon Ball FighterZ
53 Guilty Gear Xrd REV2
43 Soul Calibur VI
39 Dead or Alive 6
36 Project M

Significant firsts and statistics to note

  • The largest open entry esports event in Australia and New Zealand (Oceania).
  • As best we can determine, he largest fighting game event in the southern hemisphere. 
  • With 1,020 competitors, the top 5 games represent 983 players or 96%
  • The top 10 games total 1,218 entrants, or 120% of total unique competitors.
  • 340 is the largest Smash Bros event in ANZ history
  • 258 is the largest Tekken event in ANZ history
  • 124 is the largest Mortal Kombat or Injustice (collectively, NRS community) event in ANZ history, exceeding a target of 120 for the debut of Mortal Kombat 11.
  • Majority of games saw an increase in player base, showing a broadening of the scene.

BAM Path to EVO winners

These are Aussie or NZ players who confirmed themselves best in the region and won a trip to go to EVO World Championships. ALL of these players are NEW champions, defeating last year’s top players!

Tekken winner: Daniel “Wowzer” Collington 

Wowzer in Tekken is a young player from NZ who in his first major tournament, fought hiss way through the ANZ special knockout event to win. Watch the finals here:

Street Fighter V winner: Travis Styles

Travis is a top SFV player but being in Perth, he couldn’t attend the eastern states events to earn points. He was the top player in the main BAM tournament itself which granted him top seed in the BAM Path To EVO bracket and his Boxer punched true, taking it over Somniac, last year’s champion.

Super Smash Bros Smash Ultimate Winner: Bradley Defective Dagger Kun 

Defective Dagger defeated previous Smash Ultimate champion Extra, a changing of the guard moment.

Stay Tuned for news on BAM Path To EVO Season 2.


Full tournament results list below

Here are the top results across each tournament as found in Smash.GG/BAM11


Mortal Kombat 11 – Debut Major

1. DS|Wazminator (Erron Black, Jade)

2. GooGie (Erron Black)

3. Victrix|Castiel (Liu Kang, Cassie Cage)

4. n-megabytes (Jacqui)

5. ArmW|Sinjo (Erron Black, Liu Kang)

5. Order|Travis Styles (Erron Black, Sonya)

7. Saggat83 (Jade, Kung Lao)

7. SolidSnake (Scorpion)


Tekken 7 – A Tekken World Tour Master Event

1. Fate|Ulsan (Kazumi, Bob)

2. JDCR (Armor King)

3. Rest (Hwoarang)

4. Yamasa|Nobi (Dragunov, Steve)

5. Rangchu (Katarina, Panda)

5. GG|4LCH3M15T (Kazumi, Steve)

7. Kanga|Chand NY (Steve, Marduk, Devil Jin)

7. THY|Chikurin (Geese)


Street Fighter V – A Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Event

1. YOG|Machabo (Necalli)

2. RB|Bonchan (Karin, Sagat)

3. UYU|OilKing (Rashid)

4. ALUS|Yang Mian (Zeku, G)

5. CYG|GamerBee (Cammy)

5. Mago (Karin, Cammy)

7. RZR|Xian (Ibuki)

7. iG|Jiewa (Akuma)


Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

1. QLD|Mr. L (King K. Rool)

2. DS|Extra (Mr. Game & Watch)

3. GG|Luco (Ness)

4. Tru4 (Shulk)

5. Prodigy|Ignis (Palutena)

5. Dr. Nucleus (Donkey Kong, Mega Man)

7. Joe (Zero Suit Samus)

7. Moon|EmanSaur (Yoshi)


Super Smash Brothers Melee

1. DS|Spud (Marth)

2. Professor Pro (Fox)

3. MM|Sora (Fox)

4. Rainbow (Peach)

5. ATH|Sock (Fox)

5. PW|Vincessant (Peach)

7. dice|Nangs (Samus)

7. S.D (Fox)


Dragon Ball FighterZ

1. Marmiteinajar (Blue Goku, Trunks, Yamcha)

2. ATH|RaptR (Hit, Adult Gohan, Goku)

3. Kanga|Dailou (Teen Gohan, Kid Goku, Goku)

4. TxC|Sendo (Vegito, Vegeta, Kid Buu)

5. Agent17805 (Vegito, Bardock, Goku Black)

5. DS|Falco (Vegito, Broly, Goku)

7. Order|Toash (Kid Buu, Adult Gohan, Yamcha)

7. Ando (Kid Buu, Android 16, Trunks)



Guilty Gear Xrd REV2

1. PCP|Audacity (Johnny)

2. CrackAddictLolis (Jack-O)

3. Feri (Elphelt)

4. Wash Up Lucia (Baiken)

5. gggg|Popokilloray (May)

5. EMO|Forte (Millia)

7. Akerivesh (Slayer)

7. Marco (Ky)


Dead or Alive 6

1. UGS|A1R-GEAR (Hitomi)

2. STopp (Eliot)

3. CW|Javi (Kokoro)

4. TRI|Hiblivious (Phase 4)

5. AlexMD (Hayate)

5. Greygeese (Nyotengu)

7. SpeedlineSteve (Tina)

7. CW|Berzerk (Leifang)


Soul Calibur 6

1. Glen (Taki)

2. Runaes (Seong Mi-Na, Sophitia)

3. Florinxfox (Nightmare, Cervantes, Grøh)

4. GDZLA (Xianghua)

5. Zuzu (Tira)

5. JEL (Kilik)

7. FREE|DerekThePineapple (Astaroth)

7. ARC|AsurasAbyss (Astaroth)


Project M Singles

1. Ryzuul

2. Star

3. Professor Po

4. Rat Crew | Nido

5. Tyler

5. luxingo

7. LHC|Maribro

7. OsP|Microsoft J



Million Arthur Arcana Blood

1. CW|Javi

2. 39|Yukarin

3. AwakenedBeing

4. Penta305

5. Tomo009

5. Esera

7. Xarv

7. Runaes


Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

1. DNG|Itabashi Zangief (Akira)

2. CW|Berzerk (Pai)

3. Yam (Akira)

4. THK (Jacky)

5. TRI|Borgieman (Lau)

5. Dylan (El Blaze)

7. ARC|AsurasAbyss (Brad)

7. Centrelink|RobDawg6619


The King of Fighters XIV

1. ChenChen

2. ON|DarkChaotix

3. HieroYo

4. MajinBeng

5. CrackAddictLolis

5. Hans “Pichy” Stockmann

7. Len

7. Rupps


Super Smash Brothers 64

1. Dino

2. Dame Tamago

3. Quincy

4. JK

5. Indefa

5. Oats

7. Kmart

7. Mitch


Skullgirls 2nd Encore

1. JediLink

2. Risky / CrazyDiamond

3. SeaJay

4. Secretary|Age

5. Tox

5. Eterpay

7. TroBo|Murix

7. Pangas


Blazblue Central Fiction

1. SpeedlineSteve (Ragna)

2. Life (Susanoo, Jin, Naoto)

3. Runaes (Mai)

4. 6B|Hutch (Nine)

5. Vizz (Izanami)

5. 39|Yukarin (Carl, ? -No.11-)

7. ASF|Jeese (Celica)

7. AwakenedBeing (Azrael)


Super Street Fighter II Turbo

1. Gizzle (Boxer)

2. Carbuncle (Chun-Li)

3. KG (Boxer)

4. Toxy (Boxer, Claw)

5. Woothang (Boxer)

5. Pichy (Chun-Li)

7. Hugo (Boxer)

7. Kisou (Honda, Guile)


Street Fighter Alpha 2

1. TPC|Sketch (Charlie)

2. Toxy (Ryu, Adon)

3. Carnage (Adon)

4. WP|Carbuncle (Chun-Li)

5. AfterDeath (Rose)

5. Martyken (Ken)

7. TheAttackDog (Rose)

7. Inno (Birdie)


Street Fighter III:3rd Strike

1. Toxy (Chun-Li)

2. Julian (Yun, Makoto, Ken, Urien)

3. Tian (Akuma)

4. DKS|Zosima (Oro, Makoto)

5. Parryhappy (Urien)

5. Dr. Kimble (Ken)

7. MyResolve (Oro)

7. EZPZGG (Elena)


Ultra Street Fighter IV

1. Carnage (Rolento)

2. Creatives|Unsung (Gen)

3. DNG|Itabashi Zangief (T. Hawk, Zangief)

4. Niah (Vega)

5. InfinityEX (Elena)

5. AfterDeath (Zangief)

7. GG|Spaceghost (Abel, Ken)

7. TPC|Sketch (M. Bison, Rolento)


Pokken Tournament DX

1. Antwerp

2. ACU|Jamesibell

3. Mikkie

4. Gu

5. DanDany

5. Ryan_|Nyterra

7. Santa

7. Sbeve


Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late[st]

1. OH|Kyokugen (Mika, Hyde, Wagner)

2. Nor (Hilda)

3. Dr. Kimble (Hilda)

4. Frank (Orie)

5. Hugo (Merkava)

5. Nerk (Byakuya, Linne)

7. DS|Falco (Vatista)

7. Marco (Seth)


Rivals of Aether

1. SNC

2. Cafe?!|MAST

3. SNC|Glace

4. RC|Jet

5. Conga=Heli

5. LET’S GO|Osu

7. Fiskit



Akatsuki Blitzkampf

1. TPC|Sketch

2. Nerk

3. Hans “Pichy” Stockman

4. 12.3|DJ ANIKI

5. Len

5. Batnana

7. Silent

7. FREE|DerekThePineapple


Vampire Savior (Darkstalkers 3)

1. TPC|Sketch (Rikuo)

2. CrackAddictLolis (Q-Bee)

3. Nor (Lilith)

4. Hans “Pichy” Stockmann (Sasquatch, J. Talbain)

5. Carnage (Sasquatch)

5. KayQ (Morrigan)

7. Magoolachub (Demitri)

7. Len (Felicia)


Fate/Unlimited Codes

1. Hans “Pichy” Stockman

2. Feri

3. ramiel

4. B-b-b-baka|


5. Swin|Hatsoon Mike

5. MB|AristoWan

7. Life

7. LIV|WatZZ_21


Hokuto no Ken

1. Giggles

2. Hans “Pichy” Stockman

3. Secretary|Age


Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R

1. Nerk

2. Hans “Pichy” Stockman

3. Giggles

4. Tekken|Julian

5. ramiel

5. Feri

7. Hugo

7. EMO|Forte



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