CouchWarriors Stream Team

Sun, 24 Feb 2019 11:02:10

Raising more voices in the Aus FGC on #BAMPathToEVO

As part of BAM Path To EVO, CouchWarriors streams hit the Twitch front page for tournaments. Now, we’re broadening the content on our partnered channels with regular shows during the week from personalities in the scene.

Each week, hang out with players and learn more about weekly practice, strategy, tournament analysis or just chill and play some games.

You’ll be able to catch players on a weekly rotating schedule on a dedicated night for each BAMPathToEVO game. Street Fighter Sundays, Tekken Tuesdays, Smash Ultimate Nightly.

Over the month, there will be an online tournament one week, and a guest host streamer each other week. Just follow and subscribe to CouchWarriors and CouchWarriorsSmash, and check out the streamers own channels too. Plus we have a Team Page to watch.

Here is the starting lineup!


Tekken Tuesdays (and a Thursday)

@yiggs | (Week 1)

#BAMPathToEVO Online tournament: Second Tuesday of Month

@AkenP2 | (Thursday Week 3)

@DaBeast151 | (Week 4)

Street Fighter Sundays

@robbiesla | (Week 1)

@RoF_uu | (Week 2)

@itsbabyrider (Week 3)

#BAMPathToEVO Online tournament: Fourth Sunday of Month


Six Smashing Streamers

@Pudge_Aus |

@PaZX13 |

@Smesty |

@LittleZ |

@NikesYoshi |

@IdeekayNZ |

#BAMPathToEVO Online tournament: First Sunday of Month

The players will be featured directly on the CouchWarriors channel, and we’ll be encouraging viewers to check out their own channels.

Make sure you follow and subscribe to the CouchWarriors twitch channels for exclusive community emotes, and access to special features including subscriber only giveaways.


Full Schedule to be updated here shortly!

In the meantime tune in on the designated days to catch your game!


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